Top 5 Beauty Vloggers

Watching Beauty Vloggers from YouTube has become a hobby of mine, it’s what I do mostly in my spare time. Want to know who I watch most?

5. Grav3yardgirl (Rachel “Bunny” Marie Meyer)

GRAVEGIRLThis swamp queen is so funny, I love that about her. Her facial expressions can make you die of laughter. She has no shame of anything and is very open in her video’s. Sometimes she just goes to a store on her own and she’ll be recording what she wants to buy. She does this in such a humorous and shameless way that is totally different from other vloggers.  Oh and is also known for liking weird things such as old creepy dolls…
But besides from that she’s very entertaining and interesting to look at.

4. Amelia Liana

AMELIAFirst of all, HER BRITISCH ACCENT!! That thing only could make me watch every single video she uploads already. She is stylish, spontaneous and classy. Her videos are also very various, there are recipes, videos of her taking over London with her friends and many more. Go click on her link already.

3. Essiebutton (Estée Lalonde)

EssieShe is so goofy and fun! Here videos can be girly, sporty, edgy, classy or even nerdie. Estée also reviews books on her channel that she currently reads. I like her clothing style and how she sometimes steps out of her comfort zone with trying to wear new things that she would’t normally wear.

2. Ingrid Nilsen

IngridI get a lot of inspiration and ideas from her videos, she has a lot of recipes, DIY, tips, tricks and of course beauty related videos. Her fluffy cat named Nuggets is so cute and pops up occasionally. She is the donut loving girl that is also a bit weird sometimes. The good kind of weird though!

1. KathleenLights (Kathleen Fuentes)

KathKathleen is a genuine, open and funny person. What catches me the most is her personal story. She tells her favourite and less favourite memories and I feel like I almost know her personally just by watching her videos. So that’s the main reason why I love her the most.  She also obviously loves her make-up and does some tutorials, and sometimes a cute puppy pops up!


Sarah Jessica Parker Is Turning 50, and She’s More Interesting Than Ever


Turning 50 is a big deal for any person, and a bigger deal if that person is working in an industry that’s historically been unkind to women as they age. And it’s bigger still if that person has for most of her adult life been a standard-bearer for the hopes, fears, and insecurities of her age group.

Since Sex and the City began its run on HBO in 1998, Sarah Jessica Parker, who turns 50 today, has represented far more than herself. Her character Carrie Bradshaw’s refusal—at times principled, at times frustratingly flighty—to settle in the face of several comfortable options was a television milestone. It provided both solace and inspiration for American women, or at least coincided neatly with a period in which they came to turn away from early marriage and motherhood in favor of dating casually for longer. Parker-as-Bradshaw was, in each column she fictitiously wrote on…

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