3D Forensic Animations + Visuals


Forensic Experts, Attorneys, Insurance Companies, and more benefit greatly from higher quality visuals in the courtroom.

FogNogginprovides recreations, scaled structures, architectural exhibits and more for precise, fact-driven visual exhibits that communicate the nature of the case more clearly and effectively than the traditional data or auditory means.

FogNoggin is not limited to scaled, architectural, virtual, builds.  We provide any of the following for your forensic displays:

  • Accident re-creations
  • Water intrusion, hail, wind, and fire damage
  • Structural, electrical, and mechanical failure
  • Aeronautical & equipment failure
  • Construction and Design issues
  • Detailed schematic descriptions
  • BIM data, plumbing parts, wiring, machinery, and more
  • Industrial sites, manufacturing plants, and any other architectural builds.

As the nature of these case builds varies greatly, we will work with you and your case schedule to provide the needed materials.  FogNoggin can create still imagery or animations depending on need.  We are also able to provide multiple views…

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