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Summer of style at Penneys

I have a confession to make. I am a Penneys fiend. To say that half of my wardrobe comes from that store is an understatement. My style is constantly changing, that coupled with weight that is always fluctuating means that I like to be able to pick up pieces that are on trend and reasonably priced at the same time.

Now ladies prepare yourself. Penneys have just released a sneak peek at their high summer collection and it is AMAZING.
We’re taking a trip back in time to the decade of flares and disco and I couldn’t be happier.
The looks combine the rough with the smooth, pairing bold denim flares with delicate lace blouses and teaming mannish check shirts, styled with heavy belts and boots with fringed minis and dainty, delicate jewellery.

Take a look at some of the exclusive shots from the new collection and tell me what…

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Cancer beach

Zodiac Fashion

Cancer beach

Cancer ladies are the nurturers, and are a very sensitive feeling sign. You are ruled by the moon, so lunar shades are best for you, even while on the beach. A black bikini that shows off your best part, your cleavage, a feminine simple white sundress, and a charm bracelet are all you need to look good. Of course, since you’re always taking care of everyone (whether you’re at the beach with your kids or friends) you should have a huge tote bag to carry everything you could possibly need. As a water sign, add a splash of color with blue sandals.

My Jemma brazilian cut bikini
$155 – nelly.com

Ancient Greek Sandals winged sandals
$165 – avenue32.com

Pandora rose bracelet

Opi nail color

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Watch The Experts: Beach Body Coaching has hit main stream on Fox 26 News in Houston Texas !!!

A local Houston Texas  BeachBody coach made the big screen, or the news I should say by talking about BeachBody Coaching, and the 21 Day Fix Home Fitness Program!11May 21 DF CG Announcement

The segment is less than 5 minutes but touches base on Beach Body Coaching, what the 21 Day Fix Program, and how much money some BeachBody Coaches ARE MAKING !

It is a very well done segment that Fox 26 News put together, if you have a few minutes take a peak!

You can find it on my FanPage www.facebook.com/coachlindy1 OR

by clicking the picture below it will take you to the Fox 26 News report!!!

21-day-fix transparent  Now this isn’t the first time BeachBody has been in the news. Many of our celebrity fitness experts have done talk shows over the years, presented their programs on Live with Kelly and Regis and MANY other shows.

Now are you ready to become a BeachBody coach?? Let’s do this!!

BeachBody Coaching Fox 26 News

Workout Wednesday – Next 21 Day Fix Group

A Peaceful Diabetic

I know, I know, you are tired of hearing me talk about the 21 Day Fix. But do you know why I do it so much, and why I run 21 Day Fix Challenge Groups? Because it works. It’s that simple. It works. I don’t starve myself or spend hours at the gym. I eat whole, nutritious foods, I work out 30 minutes a day, and I eat properly sized portions of all the food groups.

It’s toned my tummy. It’s toned my arms. It’s toned my shoulders, and my legs. It’s certainly a full body workout, and it certainly shows. Do I curse Autumn while doing the program sometimes? Confession: YES. Because she’s workin’ me, and makin’ things burn… of course I utter a curse here and there! But her program pays off. There is no denying that.

We are gearing up to start another group that will take…

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