The Top Five Computer Forensic Tools — Cyber Incision

Forensic tools are something that are required to be updated on a regular basis. Whether because of patches, new hardware, or just a changing technological landscape, tools must be maintained in order to remain relevant. The ongoing support is just one of the reasons that the tools discussed in this article are the most used […]

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It was declared as ‘dishwashing liquid.’ It was really 4,020 litres of an MDMA precursor drug —

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) seized over 4,000 litres of “dishwashing liquid” in Vancouver last year. Only, it wasn’t dishwashing liquid. It was MDP-2-P, a precursor used in the production of ecstasy and MDMA. Coverage of drug seizures on The seizure happened when border services officers with the CBSA processed a container from…

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Improper Evidence Gathering

“[…] Improperly Photographed Impressions: If the examination involves a photographed tire impression, many things can affect the dimensional accuracy of that photograph. If the camera’s film plane (back) is not perfectly parallel to the impression, then the photograph will have a perspective problem that can affect the ability to accurately enlarge the photograph of the […]

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6 Forensic Advancements via Sue Colleta

The forensic community works tirelessly to improve techniques to aid law enforcement, and much of this work is done at body farms across the country. The Texas body farm has conducted some amazing work as of late. I’ve complied my top six forensic advancements, which I think you’ll find fascinating. 6 Mind-Blowing Forensic Advancements

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Forensic Linguistics: 101 — April Rink

If you have ever heard a song for the first time and recognized the artist because of his/her voice, then you have employed the techniques of linguistics. Or maybe you’ve left a note for your mother on the kitchen counter asking her to buy Doritos and though you didn’t sign it, she knew your handwriting. In a […]

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Aaron Hernandez sues over hacked jailhouse phone calls — WTNH Connecticut News

BOSTON (AP) — Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has sued a company after some of his jailhouse phone calls were apparently listened to by an unknown person. Hernandez’s lawsuit filed in federal court in Boston charges Dallas-based Securus Technologies Inc. with negligence, breach of contract, and invasion of privacy. It demands that Securus…

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