Welcome to Dale Yeager’s Offical Blog


Welcome! My name is Dale Yeager and I am a federally trained Forensic Profiler and Criminal Behavior Analyst.

I received my training through various programs at the USDOJ and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

I am a Federal Law Enforcement SME – Subject Matter Expert and instructor for the HIDTA – High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas and MAGLOCLEN – Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network programs.

I am an expert in criminal psychology, forensic psychology, sex crimes investigation, domestic terrorism analysis and Interrogation.
Finally I am the CEO of SERAPH The Problem Solving Company

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dale Yeager’s Offical Blog

  1. our family is wanting to know if you can investigate my nephew and his 2 friends murders in Calaveras county calif on Oct 20th 2015…they got trapped on a marijhanua grow that was estimated at a quarter million $$ , there vehicle was tampered with and the gates got closed and locked..all three of them were ambushed..our nephew terry glen looney was shot in the head at close range 20 to 30 ft…where the whole top of his head including brain was thrown out behind him, the other guy was shot with shotgun in lower abdamon and then shot once with a 22 in the head, the other we here may have been tortured before being shot also with a shot gun…they tried to bury my nephews brains and they moved the bodies..the first time the police were called in the wee hrs of the morning ..the shooters and the neighbors told police they shot off warning shots to possibly an animal..that all was ok…an hr later police were called again in ref to gun fire..this time they went on the property were they discovered the bodies..and the shooters up at the top of the hill smoking weed …they arrested 1 brother who is in jail pending trial, but the other brother is still out..and also the neighbor …we want answers …and this little community in Calaveras county is keeping a lot of things form us.please check into these murders for the familys involved in this sensless killing of 3 men…the sheriff that first told the media about these murders and said they will be held accountable is now dead…please help us.


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