10 Startups to make a killing in 2014-15 – Watch Out

 10 Startups to make a killing in 2014-15 – Watch out for them:


Traveling Spoon


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Website: www.coachup.com
Founder: Jordan Fliegel, Arian Radmand
Launched in: 2012
Business Model: Online Marketplace cum Search engine for Coaches & players

If you want to hear about the startup with best idea, then CoachUp is the right choice for you. CoachUp is a young startup that was born with an aim to connect kids with specialized coaches for all sports including basketball, soccer and football, yoga and dance. Jordan wanted everyone to get trained private coach & chose online network to make that happen. Today it serves 15000+ coaches and above 40,000 athletes. The founders have succeeded to gain $6.7 million in latest fund raising activity for expanding the overall presence nationally & adding more sports.

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All the businesses that rank in our list of startups of 2014 & 2015 share one thing in common- the uniqueness of business model and a well-built interface to support it. A great idea needs equally great treatment to make money and attain the set goals. It goes true especially when you are entering online marketplace which is huge & volatile.

Startups who are making good money online or raising millions of funds have a custom designed platform that is user friendly, appeals to their target audience & is made to serve the specific business goals. So, one thing that beginners can learn from the success stories of these startups is the importance of a constructive business idea and relevant web support to develop it.

What else you suggest our readers for having a successful startup journey? Share your idea of success in online business with us below in comments.

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10 Startups to make a killing in 2014-15 – Watch them Out.


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