Sarah Jessica Parker Is Turning 50, and She’s More Interesting Than Ever


Turning 50 is a big deal for any person, and a bigger deal if that person is working in an industry that’s historically been unkind to women as they age. And it’s bigger still if that person has for most of her adult life been a standard-bearer for the hopes, fears, and insecurities of her age group.

Since Sex and the City began its run on HBO in 1998, Sarah Jessica Parker, who turns 50 today, has represented far more than herself. Her character Carrie Bradshaw’s refusal—at times principled, at times frustratingly flighty—to settle in the face of several comfortable options was a television milestone. It provided both solace and inspiration for American women, or at least coincided neatly with a period in which they came to turn away from early marriage and motherhood in favor of dating casually for longer. Parker-as-Bradshaw was, in each column she fictitiously wrote on…

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