20 Things About Steph’s Style


1. I live in Black, White and Denim… Shades of Grey, Cream and Navy.

2. I’m obsessed with Aritzia, For Love and Lemons and Clover Canyon

3. When I make enough money, my entire professional wardrobe will be Theory and Club Monaco

4. White Chunky Sweaters are my crack. I just want them all.

5. Even more than my obsession with White Chunky Sweaters, I’m obsessed with Jeans.

6. Finding a good pair of black riding boots is so difficult

7. My favourite Multi-Brand online shopping sites are Revolve and Shopbop.

8. Rachael from FRIENDS is my style icon

9. HeyClaire aka Claire Marshall is my spirit animal… not to be creepy but I love her. She’s someone that I look up to.

10. I wear jeans 99% of the time

11. My ‘darks’ load of laundry has to be divided into 2 separate loads… yup.. black is my wardrobe and I ain’t mad.

12. White V- Neck t-shirts are bomb dot com

13. I wear Rayban Clubmasters as my prescription glasses

14. Ribbed, slightly cropped basic tees are my favourite thing to wear at the moment

15. When I can actually afford to buy one, my first designer handbag will be from Chanel and it shalt be basic and black.

16. Jeans. I’ve mentioned them once. They warrant being mentioned again.

17. Despite my love of designers, I’m not a huge fan of logo’s. I will wear them, but I’m very conscientious about what they look like, how large etc.

18. The only brand of leggings that I swear by and will continually purchase are Lululemon

19. Black Nail Polish. White Nail Polish. Neutral Nail Polish. Mint Nail Polish. Pastel Yellow Nail Polish. Subtle Understated Polish effectively. Except for the black… black isn’t understated at all.

20. Simple Eyes, Bold Lips any day over a smokey eye. I prefer this because I think that my best feature on my face are my lips. My face I feel doesn’t wear a smokey eye as well as it holds a bold lip.


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