Marie France Christmas Party 2014

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Date: December 10, 2014 Event: Marie France Christmas Party Hair by Wheng Divah Hi friends! This was probably the busiest day of my December 2014! Totally worth it! Did 9 faces in six or seven hours? Gosh I forgot. Anyway, my clients are going to their company’s christmas party! Thanks to Wheng Divah for coming! Here are our finished creations! ❤

2 before after Justine

3 before after Dina

4 before after Jonalyn

5 before after Cay

6 before after My girl, Chin! ❤

7 before after Kath

IMG_7328 Another photo of Kath! Just because. lol

ate before after

beth before after Ms. Beth

I don’t know why but I didn’t get a before and after photo for Ms. Mhel. Deym. This is the best photo I could find of her. Grabbed from Chin’s account. hehe

Ms. Mhel Ms. Mhel

IMG_7325 Ms. Dina, Jona, and Cay

There you have it ladies and gents! Busiest day of my December, did I already tell you that? LOL Love, Kist

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